Delhi – Shimla 343 Km Shimla – Kafnu 217 Km

Overview: Bhaba Pass (4866m)

From Kafnu (Kinnaur) TO Mudh (Spiti) : 4 Days Approximate

Length : 45 kms.

Best time: June-September


Package Description

Bhaba-Pin pass is the most frequently crossed pass between kinnaur and spiti.It is also known as Wang-Khango.This pass has long been used as a trade route between Bhabha(Wangar) valley and Pin valley. Bhaba-Pin Pass is a relatively easy trek with highly rewarding views that starts from lush green Bhaba valley in Kinnaur to the stark desolate Pin valley in Spiti. The change of geology and biodiversity from one side to another leaves one mesmerized. The trek begins at Kafnu village on Kinnaur side and ends at Mudh village in the Spitian cold desert. ***********************************************************************************

Detailed Itinerary: Bhaba pass trek

Day 1 : Shimla – Kafnu . Time taken 12hours.

Day 2 : Kafnu – Muling 8kms 4-5 hours walk.

Start from the beautiful village of Kafnu located on the banks of Bhaba river and walk through alpine forests and lush meadows to reach the picturesque camping grounds of Mulling

Day 3 : Muling – Kara 4-5kms 3 hours walk

Follow the Bhaba gorge to the trail that cuts uphill. A gorgeous walk with panoramic views of Bhaba valley leads one to wildflower-rich fields of Kara .

Day 4 : Kara – Phusterang 7kms 4-5 hours walk.

After crossing a Nallah trail cuts uphill and after walking 4-5 hours you reach at Phusterang.Phusterang is basecamp of bhabha Pass.

Day 5 : Phusterang – Bhaba Pass – Paldhar 14 Kms 7-8 hrs.

Start early, for it’s a long day’s walk. Follow the path uphill from Phusterang and reach the boulder filled track below the pass. A safe walk above few glaciers and you are on the pass in 2-3 hrs. Offer prayers on top and cut left from the pass to follow the trail which shows up after a few glaciers. Glissading over the snow filled descent is a great pleasure. After the last glacier, the Spitian cold desert begins to open up.From pass Paldhar is 5-6hours walk.

Day 6 : Paldhar – Mudh Vill. (12 Kms.) 4-5 hrs.

An easy day’s walk. A gorge to be waded. The trail is straight though and follows the Pin river through its right bank. After 3-4 hrs. walk one can get the glimpses of Mudh village.Cross the bridge over Pin river where the comfort and warmth of the Spitian home-stay awaits you

Day 7 : Drive from Mudh to Kaza . Time taken 7-8 hrs.

Day 8 : Visit Kee and Dhankar monastery. Overnight stay at kaza.

Day 9 : Drive from Kaza to Manali . Time taken 12-14 hrs.